Getting lost in youtube: Old rap video addition

I recently was looking for a random old rap video and fell into the youtube vortex. I looked up and an entire hour had passed, even though it felt like 5 minutes. What I happened upon was string of old school rap videos…some I didn’t even know existed. All obscure…all awesome.
I figure since the younger generation like to learn about these things, I’d just post a bunch of them up here and throw you down the rabbit hole with me. Have a nice trip.

I could seriously go on forever…
If nothing else, this post is proof that, as good as the music was back then, these motherfuckers made some terrible videos.

Some video’s I’m enjoying…

Hey, I can’t find things to rant about every day.Here are some videos I’ve seen recently that I enjoyed…courtesy mostly of the good people of (cause that’s really the only place I see anything).

Here’s a guy who takes his video game loses to heart…

Motivation child:

This is a music video. I don’t know anything about the song or band but the video is pretty awesome.

Crazy Greek (i think) guy doing his think, barnyard style.

Here’s a really old one I forgot about but, holy shit, it’s so awesome.

And, to close it out…there are no words.

In case you missed these…

Here are a few videos I saw this week that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I haven’t watched wrestling in years but if this is the direction it’s going it might be time to check back in.

And, of course, little fat kid dancing. It’s dope to see the kid from “Up” i still making movies.

Black friday Youtube bonanza

Damn son, are/were you really out there shopping today? I understand the 5% a flat screen is appealing but the crowds kinda cancel out any money saved. Time is money, right? I’d rather pay a little more and not have to camp outside Target. But , hey, that’s me. I live the life of a hermit in many ways. I pretty much spend all my money on bills and food. Luckily for me, youtube is free. So, here are some of my favorite youtube clips from this week. There’s a good chance you’ve seen some of these by now but it never hurts to put them out there just in case you missed them.

First up , we have Nicolas Cage losing his shit. Some guy edited a barrage of great Cage moments over some tense string music , which makes for an amazing cinematic experience.

A few of those clips were from a movie called “Deadfall”, and they were so good I had to inspect a little further. so without further ado, here’s that movie in 5 seconds:

Next we have Charles Bronson killing hipsters. I don’t think I need to explain this one any more.

Very satisfying.

Finally, here’s a supposed Viral trailer by the new movie that the guy who made District 9 , Neil Blomkamp.

While the prospect of a movie about where MCnuggets come from excites me, it turns out it might not have anything to do with Neil Blomkamp. It’s hard to say.
this article doesn’t exactly clear it up too much but it’s got some info in it:

Whatever the backstory is, that mutant pig looks awesome and if some random guys just did that for fun, I applaud them. Not to mention, how fucking cool would it be to have that disgusting thing just chilling in your house? You could scare the shit out of anyone who ever ventured into your fridge uninvited but just strategically placing that thing in the “meat section”.

Everything is Terrible AGAIN.

Months back I did a post about the website It’s a site where some dudes take crazy old clips from random embarrassing tv shows and self help videos and either slightly re-edit them for deeper humorous value or just let the retardation of the clips speak for themselves. Here are a few I’ve been enjoying lately:
Colby the christian robot friend

Or how bout some truly white hip hop dancing? (embed won’t work for me)

THIS IS HIP-HOP! from Airwave Ranger on Vimeo.

Or this creepy shit:

More white people trying out the rap:

White people…Ughh.

WonderShowzen Appreciation

For 2 seasons, MTV2 quietly snuck on some of the most irreverent comedy ever seen on basic cable. The show was called “Wondershowzen” and it was a highly offensive and twisted version of Seseme street. Truly the last thing you’d want to show any child. I totally forgot this show existed until the other day when I was reminded of a clip. It bought back all the fond memories of this show (and reminded me I gotta remember who I lent the season 1 and 2 DVD’s to…)
So, in honor of this glorious show, here are a bunch of clips:

Everything is terrible

i’m probably late to the game here but a friend just put me on to this awesome site. it’s called “everything is terrible” and it’s hard to explain. i have no idea who’s responsible for it but whoever he/she/they are, thank you.
it’s basically a bunch of old random clips from the 80’s and 90’s slightly remixed or , occasionally , left alone to stand on their own.
here are some examples:

to peep more, check my blog roll for the website. it’s fucking gold.