This week in ridiculous rap: Viper the rapper

Here we have Houston rapper Viper. He’s got the dark corners of the internet buzzing.
He raps as if he’s nervously inhaling while telling a secret. His videos are shot on cameras that I’m fairly certain don’t exist anymore. That said, he can dunk a basketball (This is something I will always respect in any musician. I’m not even remotely joking) and he’s got a pretty girl in his video who, although she can’t sing, at least looks nice on a jungle gym.

Again we are faced with something in which I honestly can’t call. Is it real? is it a joke?
Andy Kaufman really fucked with our heads. So much so that I feel as though we are forced to question everything. For every Riff Raff, there is a “It’s so cold in the D”. And who are we to say what is and isn’t art? I would even argue that , if this is made in earnest, it’s as pure as art gets. Much like Daniel Johnston or Wesley Willis. Crazy people are not influenced by things outside their own minds. Sure, they draw inspiration from all over but, creatively, the mentally ill are some of the most amazing minds you will come by. Now, is Viper one of these guys? I have no clue. I’m leaning towards no cause, well…he just doesn’t come off as crazy. More just oblivious. Either way, it’s special in some way or another.