Are you a “Dry Guy”?

This could get personal.

So, just as back story, I’ve been watching this show “Workaholics”. It’s fucking hilarious and you all should check it out if you haven’t already. Anyway, a few weeks ago they had an episode where the term “dry guy” was bought up. Here’s a link to THAT. This term refers to a man who masturbates sans lubrication. Just a guy and skin on his hand. The characters alluded to certain types of people who are dry guys (serial killers and Fred Durst were the examples).
Now, I’ve kinda always assumed that jerking off with lubricant was the norm. I’ve never even considered it otherwise. Recently, I was on the Philaflava message boards (one of my favorite palces on the internet) and the topic was bought up by regular poster Employee. He asked the same question I ask above now: “Are you a dry guy?”.
Well, to my surprise, I am seemingly in the minority with my masturbation habits and I feel as I my world has been turned upside down. Basically, I need to know if this “dry guy” thing is really the norm or if the posters on Philaflava’s message board are a bunch of serial killers.
So, answer me, motherfucker! (Don’t fret, it’s a safe and anonymous place)

Oh yeah, and self-PAUSE to this entire entry.