Song of the day 6/1/12

Jewels on it By Wais P (featuring Roc Marciano)
I had no idea who Wais P was prior to hearing this song but this is a good start. Aside from the beat sounding like something Buckwild might have made in 93 (which is a good thing, in my book) , Wais does a nice job complimenting the track. Even better, is Roc Marciano who sounds like he was born to rock over tracks exactly like this. Speaking of which, Man, I miss the days of xylophone/vibraphone beats…I dunno what happened to them. Perhaps the jazz crates got so thoroughly mined that a good xylophone/vibraphone sample is hard to find nowadays. I certainly rarley come by one any more. In honor of those days, here’s some videos of beats with xylophones and vibraphones

You get the idea. I could do this all day.