Phat Friend year in review 2013

Wow, what a year it’s been? Remember that thing that happened? oh, and that other thing where that guy did stuff and people were all like “oohhhhhh!”. unforgettable. We will never be the same. Well, like every other blog on earth, it’s time for me to round this year up. Unlike those other blogs though, I’m not here to give you my top five albums and singles and blah blah blah cause , honestly, those lists read more like “The ten albums I heard enough of this year to have an opinion on”. If you read this blog with regularity, you probably know what I liked this year so it would be repetitive. Also, artist made music lists are the worst cause most of spend half the list putting albums our friends made that we barely even listened to. So forget all that. This is about this blog and the stuff that was on it this year. A huge “In case you missed it…”.
So, wasting no time, let’s get it covered.

Most read articles
This is a funny category cause it’s fueled by peoples creepy google habits. A few of these are here on their own merit but, let’s be honest, a few others are here cause people are looking for porn. To be clear, these are the columns I wrote this year that got the most hits.

Emily Ratajkowski will ruin my life

I hooked up with riff raff part 1 (of three)

Hey guys, let’s not make Yung Lean a thing, okay?

Porn star Questionnaire w/ Angel Del Ray

Talking about my cancelled shows in europe and passport problems

So, yeah…those got read A LOT this year. For better or worse. However, I have my own personal favorite things I wrote this year so here are my personal top 5 posts of the year. If you like reading hastily written rants/stories with questionable spelling and grammar, today is your lucky day. This blog is a great time waster and posts like these are the heart and soul of the operation.

My personal Top 5 Posts
You and your kids

My neighbor: Livin’ la vida loca

How to be an asshole online

The best/worst idea of all time

50 shades of shame

Free mixes!
I don’t do it as often as I used to but, every now and then, I’ll throw together a little compilation of music I love and give it away. Here are all of those I did this year. Free music! Download them again…for the first time!

My old 12’s Vol. 1

My old 12’s Vol. 2

A mix for the youth

Tony Bones: A look back at someone you’ve probably never heard of

The weekly columns
Listen, I gotta create content somehow. One of the ways I do that is by having columns that come back every week or two. Some more than others. Here are those columns with the most hits from this year.

Answers for Questions

Fuck marry kill

Ask Dr. Tony

Yay or nay

Music I released this year
Oh yeah…I make music for a living. And this year was actually pretty prolific. I produced a few full length albums and a few ep’s. I even made a short compilation of me rapping from when I was younger and gave it away on this blog (poor life choice on my part). So, here are all the albums I dropped this year and the info you need about them.

Illogic:After Capture Ep

Billy woods: Dour candy

Illogic: Capture the sun LP

Other Ep’s I did with Illogic

Blockhead: The Rapper

And that’s about it. Have a good new year and I’ll see you on the flip tip. Also, Don’t drink and drive, guys. Just drink.

The year in review of my own blog

Every year, I like to wrap thing sup by re-posting a bunch of things you may have missed, some you may have forgotten and some you totally remember and didn’t give a fuck about in the first place.
I update this blog five times a week so, as you can imagine, sifting through a years worth of content is no easy task. Luckily for me, keeps great stats and that enables me to know what articles got read the most. While a good portion of the “most read” articles are popular because of google searches (basically anything involving porn or famous people is gonna get read the most) I can still discern what it was my readers actually liked the most…So, here are some of those articles, along with bunch of free downloads I’ve given away over the course of the year. Enjoy and happy new year you grubby motherfuckers.

Top 5 most popular music related:
How my music is made
Be better than Beiber
The making of Labor days
Some Sampling Do’s and Don’ts
V-Nasty is mesmerizing

Top Five Writing pieces about random shit
Dear Squatter girl
Things you should not be still doing past the age of 30
If I made the Black Eyed Peas video game
Decoding man-speak for broads
Fuckin’ lil’ Bullies

Song Giveaways
Free Beat download
Nacho Picasso Remix
The original “Bent Life”
Another free beat
A song by Illogic and me

Free compilations I made for your listening pleasure
Good new(ish) rappers
Back in the days
A mix for America!
Story rhymes
Love songs for cynics

And, I’ll close it all out with easily the most read articles on my blog this year…
The Porn star Questionnaire
Kristina Rose
Asa Akira

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll have much time to update this blog the next few days so I hope this will tide you over.
Happy New year and all that crap. See you on the other side…

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Well, it’s been another year…a whole lotta crazy shit happened and Tim and I are just as sick of hearing about it as you are. Still, we will push forward and talk about these things one last time. But, I promise, after this, let’s never discuss any of these topics again. 2012 is a new year. Let’s put this shit to bed right now.