Feeling lazy. here are some funny outtakes

I’m not gonna lie, I was brutally attacked by a lone mosquito last night. From 2 am to 6 am, this little asshole stung me continually in places like my knuckles, my neck and the calves. So, sufficed to say, i slept like shit. For that reason, i’m simply too tired to think of anything to write about today. I was gonna skip posting anything entirely today but then I fell into a blooper/outtake worm hole on youtube. I realized bloopers and outtakes from movies and tv shows are some of my favorite things ever and why not share them with you. Got some time to kill? Wanna laugh? Well, this should fulfill all your needs. Enjoy…

Getting lost in youtube: Old rap video addition

I recently was looking for a random old rap video and fell into the youtube vortex. I looked up and an entire hour had passed, even though it felt like 5 minutes. What I happened upon was string of old school rap videos…some I didn’t even know existed. All obscure…all awesome.
I figure since the younger generation like to learn about these things, I’d just post a bunch of them up here and throw you down the rabbit hole with me. Have a nice trip.

I could seriously go on forever…
If nothing else, this post is proof that, as good as the music was back then, these motherfuckers made some terrible videos.

The best of the worst rappers the internet has to offer.

There is LOTS of really terrible rap out there on the youtube. So much, in fact, that it’s often hard to keep up with all the viral videos that pop up.
Well, thanks to the wonderful people over at the Philaflava.com forums, I’ve compiled a bunch of what i consider the best (AKA worst) rapping ever done on the internet.
Many of these are wildly played out, some are lesser known but one thing is for sure, they were all fucking great at some point.